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Education & Outreach

CI-WATER’s Education and Outreach team has engaged in a wide array of activities to enhance the public’s engagement with water and computer science, including developing learning resources for ongoing use such as Teaching Toolkits and curricula to bring water and computer science into formal and informal learning environments.


By bringing the work of scientists to students, educators and the general public, CI-WATER is helping prepare a STEM-literate citizenry that can help solve tomorrow’s challenges through STEM. Hundreds of people have participated in CI-WATER sponsored events, including Code Camps for teens, educator workshops, guest speakers, television broadcasts, public film screenings, and a cutting-edge graduate course for the next generation of water and computer scientists.


CI-WATER Education Resources

Model Earth
Model Earth is a set of interactive and other resources to help educators to bring water science into the classroom. Developed by the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center for the CI-WATER and iUTAH Projects. Teacher materials are also available.
CI-WATER Toolboxes
Complete with models, water sampling materials and more, the CI-WATER Teaching Toolbox is designed for Utah and Wyoming K-12 teachers, students and community groups to learn about water, modeling and the process of scientific inquiry.


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Higher Education

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