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What is CI-WATER?
Learn more about the CI-WATER EPSCoR project and how it is helping water resource managers with the tools they will need to better manage water resources for the future.
CI-WATER: What is a Model?
Scientist use different types of models to reduce complex elements systems to their basic elements so we can understand them better.

Tethys Platform Training

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Training - GeoServer and Web Mapping
This tutorial demonstrates how to use GeoServer with the Web Mapping features of Tethys Platform. The topics covered include Spatial Dataset Services API, the Map View from the Tethys Gizmos API, and working with advanced user forms. Tutoria data
Training - File Management and CKAN
This tutorial demonstrate how to work with file dataset in Tethys apps including how to work with a CKAN server. Topics covered included the Dataset Storage API with CKAN, multi-stage forms, Highcharts plotting using the Template Gizmos API, and more.
Training - Git Versioning
This tutorial provides a short introduction to versioning using Git and GitHub.
Training - PostGIS and Geoprocessing
This training demonstrates how to create spatially-enabled databases and perform geoprocessing tasks using PostGIS. Topics covered include both Persistent Stores APIs, mapping with Template Gizmos, SQLAlchemy, GeoAlchemy, PostgreSQL, and PostGIS. Tutorial Data

Why a Career in STEM?

CI-WATER’s Nathan Swain: Legos and Hard Work
CI-WATER app developer Nathan Swain credits Legos and hard work for launching a career that combines his interests in engineering and computers (and lets him still have a life).
CI-WATER’s Herman Dolder: Fun and Games in Science
CI-WATER research assistant Herman Dolder designs educational games and helps create hydrological models. In this video, he explains why he likes his job.
CI-WATER’s Ginger Paige: Get Your Hands Dirty
CI-WATER’s Ginger Paige, an Associate Professor at the University of Wyoming and STEM education expert, says a STEM career starts with playing in the mud.
CI-WATER’s Jeff McCarty: When Everything Clicks Together
CI-WATER research assistant and BYU Master’s student Jeff McCarty answers the question, “Why a career in STEM?” by explaining that he loves that moment when he’s figured out how something works.
CI-WATER’s Erfan Goharian: Choosing STEM to Solve Real-World Problems
CI-WATER research assistant and U of U doctoral student Erfan Goharian explains that he chose a career in STEM because he sees water rationing as a problem he might help solve.
CI-WATER’s Robert Steinke: Persistence is the Key
CI-WATER computer programmer Bob Steinke answers the question, “Why a career in STEM?” by explaining the rewards of persistence when working with computers.
CI-WATER’s Wencong Lai: Interest is the Best Teacher
CI-WATER and University of Wyoming’s postdoc research associate Wencong Lai says “Interest is the best teacher” in this video on why he chose a career in STEM.
CI-WATER’s Adel Abdallah: Get Involved with Science Activities
CI-WATER research assistant and USU graduate student Adel Abdallah chose a career in STEM after discovering a passion for science through science fairs and activities.

CI-WATER Webinars

CI-WATER Webinar: BYU World Water Project
CI-WATER researcher Dr. Jim Nelson at Brigham Young University presented on the BYU World Water Project at a CI-WATER Webinar on March 26, 2014.
BYU World Water Project
Watch the video shown by Dr. Jim Nelson during the World Water Project Webinar.
CI-WATER Webinar: Track 2 ADHYDRO Overview
CI-WATER researcher Dr. Fred Ogden at University of Wyoming gave a Track 2 ADHYDRO overview at a CI-WATER Webinar on April 9, 2014.


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