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Water Modeling

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CI-WATER’s Data and Modeling team is developing easy-to-use interfaces to make sure that the tools produced and data aggregated by CI-WATER can be used and shared by the people who need them. Behind the scenes, the simulations CI-WATER makes available require massive amounts of data from diverse sources. For instance, accurately predicting water availability for a particular watershed can depend on not only projected human factors and natural conditions, but changing weather patterns. CI-WATER researchers are building information systems between resources so users can simply enter their parameters and find the information they need.


The Data and Modeling team has brought together various models to make it possible to assess water resources with a new level of breadth and depth, and are developing applications so that hydrologic researchers, water managers, state planners and others can access CI-WATER’s advanced models without needing to become experts in high-performance computing. The result of this effort will be water resource management tools that can provide clearer forecasts of future availability, be adapted to other regions and support postive outcomes in the future through responsive, research-based planning.

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WaM-DaM: A Data Model to Synthesize and Organize Water Management Data
WaM-DaM: A Data Model to Synthesize and Organize Water Management Data
Presented at the 7th Intl. Congress on Env. Modelling and Software, San Diego, CA, USA
June 15-19, 2014


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