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Hydroinformatics Course

The hydroinformatics course has been simultaneously offered across the CI-WATER partner campuses (USU, U of U, and BYU). Additional support has been provided by the iUTAH Project. Each university designated an instructor to manage things on their end, be present during class time, help deliver course content, evaluate and support work by students on their campus.


Hydroinformatics is the study, design, development, and deployment of hardware and software systems for hydrologic data collection, distribution, interpretation, and analysis to aid in the understanding and management of water in the natural and built environment. This class will introduce students to fundamental and advanced hydroinformatics concepts and procedures including automated data collection networks, relational databases and data management software, metadata and semantics, data storage file formats and standards, data transformations and automation of data manipulation tasks to support modeling and analysis, web based data distribution and access using web services, and integrated networks of hydro-climate data.

Fall 2014

The Fall 2014 Hydroinormatics Course involved 44 students, 7 students from USU, 8 from the U of U, 12 at UVA, 9 from BYU and 8 from UWYO.

Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 Hydroinormatics Course involved 33 students, 5 students from USU, 17 from the U of U and 11 from BYU.


Fall 2012

The Fall 2012 Hydroinormatics Course involved 30+ students, 7 students plus 1 observer from USU, 7 from the U of U and 18 from BYU.


News about the Hydroinformatics Course


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