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CI-WATER Toolboxes

Engage students in hands-on science with a water-themed resource kit:

Complete with models, water sampling materials and more, the CI-WATER Teaching Toolbox is designed for Utah and Wyoming K-12 teachers, students and community groups to learn about water, modeling and the process of scientific inquiry. The Toolbox is based on four main ideas: 

  1. The properties of water
  2. Water in the environment
  3. Human use and impact
  4. What do I do now

With the CI-WATER toolbox discover the importance of water, its unique properties, and water modeling. Use tools to collect specimens and data to better understand water in the environment and human use and impact on water. Use models to understand watersheds, meteoric, and groundwater systems, and predict impacts based on droughts, human use, and pollution. Create art and actionable items to work for change in our communities and schools.

Reserve a toolbox:

In addition to a permenant toolbox being available at the Natural History Museum of Utah, Wyoming Science Zone, and University of Wyoming, beginning this fall each state will have toolboxes available for check out. If you are interested in checking out a toolbox:

More About the Toolboxes:

Each CI-WATER Teaching Toolbox includes a plastic, wheeled tub that includes a plethora of field equipment and classroom resources. Some of the items included are:

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CI-WATER is the Utah-Wyoming collaboration to advance water modeling capabilities and cyberinfrastructure in the Intermountain West. One of the project’s goals is to foster the next generation of scientists through public events, information and resources such as the water education toolbox. For information on other resources for teaching science and related topics, visit:

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